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LASD and DCS-22 Disaster Preparedness Resources.
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What is LASD DCS-22?

Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service (DCS) is a volunteer organization administered by the Sheriff's Department for the County Board of Supervisors. The responsibility of DCS, as authorized under County Ordinance, is to provide volunteer disaster relief communications for the citizens of the County of Los Angeles. Over 300 Amateur Radio operators, operating our personally owned two-way radios, in conformance with the Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, donate our time and equipment at no cost to the citizens of the County of Los Angeles. Amateur Radio equipment installed at each Sheriff's Station is owned by the County.  Additional equipment at Lost Hills Sheriff's Station is owned by the local DCS-22 Team in a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation, and includes a communications van, a mobile command trailer, a lighting trailer with generator, and two mountain top repeater stations. All other equipment used by our volunteers is owned by those individual members.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station 22

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station 22 provides service to 187 square miles, including the City of Agoura Hills, City of Calabasas, City of Hidden Hils, City of Malibu, and City of Westlake Village, unincorporated communities of Chatsworth Lake Manor, Malibou Lake, Topanga, parts of West Hills and other nearby communities, and unincorporated areas ranging from the Ventura County Line to Pacific Palisades, from Chatsworth to the beach.

Over the years, it has been our pleasure and our honor to staff a booth at the Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair every year, and provide information for the general public, on many preparedness topics. Additionally, we provide information on how to become an Amateur Radio operator, for those who are interested.

Would you like to be a 'Ham'?

At the bottom of this page are links to help you get started in this exciting hobby and vital emergency communications activity.

What's on this page?

Below you will find links to articles, checklists, and resources from FEMA, Homeland Security, California Office of Emergency Services, County and City publications and sites, all geared to preparedness for any disaster you may face.  These links are organized by topic, and are ready for you to download. Most of these, such as the emergency kits, are applicable to any type of disaster: earthquake, fire, flooding, being stuck on the freeway for hours, zombie apocalypse, or whatever may come our way. Enjoy, and don't forget to visit the rest of the fair, featuring some amazing speakers!

Remember: STAY prepared so you don't have to GET prepared!

Animals, Large

Equine Disaster Preparedness

Equine Response Team trifold

Equine Diseases and Disasters

Animals, Large and Small

Animal Evacuation

Animals, Small

Disaster Preparedness for Pets - ASPCA - English.pdf

FEMA Information for Pet Owners English

LA Animal Services - Be a Foster - Save a Life.pdf

LA Animal Services - Emergency Plan for Pets

LA Animal Services - License Registration

LA Animal Services - Low-Cost Spay and Neuter

LA Animal Services - Microchip Your Pet

LA Animal Services - Shelter Locations

LAC Public Health Pet Emergency Preparedness

Pets Are Family Too

Red Cross Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist

Car Preparedness

Things to Keep in Your Car In Case of Emergency - English and Spanish


Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Staying Safe Where The Earth Shakes - Statewide Edition

What To Do When The Ground Shakes - English.pdf


NFPA - Be Halloween Safe - Sparky.pdf

Wildfires and Other Disasters - English.pdf

First Aid

Bleeding Control - Save a Life

Heat Dangers

Car Heat Dangers-K9 English

Home Safety

LAFD and MySafeLA - How to Install Smoke and CO2 Alarms.pdf

LAFD Community Risk Reduction.pdf

MySafeLA - Family Escape Plan.pdf

Refrigerated Food and Power Outages.pdf

Residential Security Survey - English.pdf




NFPA - Be Halloween Safe - Sparky.pdf

Trifold - Kids Emergency Backpack - English

Mass Shootings and Terrorism

DHS - Signs of Terrorism.pdf

Surviving a mass shooting.pdf

Neighborhood Preparedness

Ready your LA Neighborhood.pdf

Preparedness Articles

Are You Prepared For Basic Survival - English.pdf

Preparedness Guides - Longer

Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness

A Comprehensive Guide to Family and Home Preparedness

Preparedness Kits

Be Red Cross Ready - Bilingual.pdf

Bug-Out Bag.pdf





Get Ready - Emergency Supplies Kit.pdf

Red Cross - Emergency Go Kit.pdf

Sign Up For Alerts

AlertLA brochure

LA City - Emergency Notification System.pdf

Special Needs

Department of Aging - Protecting Oneself and Loved Ones.pdf

Department of Disability

FEMA-Preparing Makes Sense For People With Special Needs

LAFD Community Risk Reduction.pdf

Older Americans - quadfold new.pdf

Workplace Preparedness



How to become a 'Ham'

An easy way to become an Amateur Radio Operator who can help in a disaster is to take a one-day license class offered on-line (at present) by DCS-22 members Norm and Naomi Goodkin through

The Goodkins have helped administer over 2000 remote exams and 2400 exam elements. Their next online class will be starting soon. The link provides more information, including the opportunity to register, and what to do to prepare for the class. Class participants will have the opportunity to attend 2 follow-on classes; one to address what's next and one to help new hams set up and operate a dual-band radio.

More information about licensing, operations, activities and how to help in emergencies can be found at the American Radio Relay League website: 

To join our group, visit the Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service Website, for a membership application package.